As a result of a break up and being back in ownership of possessions that would have been once presents, reminders of a time of joy, the possessions were placed in a limbo of no intention of use or want. 


By hiding these objects in the image whilst the image is of nothing but the objects the story and response is given to the viewer.



Changing, light sensitive fibre based prints. From the chaos and freedom of the nature in the prints becomes a destructive geometric man made shape. 

The series was a reaction to the changes happening to the medium and technologies of the medium. 



The series "Paint is Paint" consists of three bodies; Surface is Surface, Ink Portraits and Three Portraits on One. Photographer and viewer are looking at an unknown subject. What grand story can be told of the subject through one image? 



Surface is Surface consists of three C-Type Prints, the chemical layers have been lifted from the paper. This abstract obscurity developed over the original image is made by its own light holding information the photograph itself is created. 


Ink Portraits, the body of six show digital file ink prints. The ink from the printed image are processed from the standard print - to a separate paper. These portraits contain within the same level of information as the standard print. Without knowing the subjects in the image, this level of information tells the viewer story of a photograph viewed.


Three Portraits on One shows three objects in one veratrine. A C-Type Print, a digital ink Swatch and a petri dish of chemicals. These three objects derive from the one photographic image. All originating from the same set of information, a portrait taken of an unknown subject. 

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